Welcome New Readers – Pearl Harbor, ….a remembrance.

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Here are some article I found on the Internet today about the subject of Pearl Harbor.

“Pearl Harbor was an attack that sent America into World War II. Americas economy was made better as she joined the war effort. Women had a chance to get jobs, they helped build tanks, ships, and many other war machinery. The women and men helped make war bonds to get donations for new supplies. Children were doing scrap drives, grease drives, and rubber drives. Before Pearl Harbor, the economy was awful as America was in a depression, the war effort helped her be prosperous again. ”

and again another article….

“American industry provided almost two-thirds of all the Allied military equipment produced during the war. 297,000 aircraft, 193,000 artillery pieces, 86,000 tanks, two million army trucks. In four years, American industrial production, already the world’s largest, doubled in size. The output of the machine-tools to make weapons tripled in three years. The balance between the U.S. and her enemies changed almost overnight.”

Pearl Harbor, according to Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt, “would be a day that would live in infamy!”


We here at Abundancetrainers.com are so thankful that America and her allies won the war.  We are in business because of freedom. Hindsight being 20/20 though, we wonder if our subscribers would make the connection between the financiers of America and her being drawn into war. We recommend you read the book, The Creature From Jekkyl Island, for a better insight into the affects the financiers had on America entering World War II.

Economies are not made better because of war efforts, the United Nations being formed proved this when they signed treaties to avoid more world conflicts. The treatise were signed for the betterment of mankind.

Will America be proud of her children working in grease pits and rubber pits as she grinded out the war effort? Or will she be remembered for her ingenuity and freedom?

The Internet has made it possible to reach out to the world and help the individual have the Abundant Life! Abundancetrainers.com would like to extend to you the opportunity to capitalize on your freedoms too.



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