ATC abundance pageThe word Abundance is defined as an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity of supply. How is it that one person can be completely broke and another have extra supply? It comes down to the mindset and the knowledge of each individual. When we understand the dynamics of money, where it originates from, what it actually is, and how it flows, we head towards Abundance.

Understanding which debts get reported and which do not is a great place to start. An example would be a utility bill, versus a car payment. Most utility bills are a set amount for a long period of time, whereas a car payment reduces the balance owed. If an individual decides not to pay a utility, the utility can be shut off and eventually be reported as “unpaid‘ and put into collections. A car payment on the other hand if not paid, can result in the loss of the vehicle.

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We will show you how to pay down what you currently owe, then give you leverage through our systems to help you gain an edge on your debts. These concepts will be explained more as we continue to blog and add content for you to consume. Our ultimate goal is a managed budget along with little or no debt liabilities for you and your family.

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