Abundance Trainers began in 1990 out of a vision I had during my personal bankruptcy.

The new way of thinking that came out of that dark period in my life, has enabled me to teach others better ways to cut their costs, and to increase their earnings. 

Abundance Trainers begins by teaching timeless principles of money creation and money accumulation most individuals have never learned. These principles are called the stabilizing phase. The next phase is the increase phase. Then finally comes the accumulation phase.

We are comprised of individuals from all over the world who have learned how to get out of debt and are now building our earnings towers. These same individuals have created a new era network of entrepreneurs who have decided against standard work week jargon, for a better lifestyle. All of them knew that if they could get ahead of the “rat race” for themselves, that they could eventually show millions of other people, from all around the world, how to do the same.

The first principle of ABUNDANCE is that its not how much a person makes, but how much a person keeps, that gets them ahead. Many people focus on making more money without focusing on saving more and making money grow. Abundance Trainers uses training modules, along with the concept of leverage, to teach you how to get ahead and stay ahead.

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The Abundance Trainers Blog will be continually updated with timeless principles to help you travel the road to ABUNDANCE.  You will understand what you have been missing, and how to correct your course to head towards ABUNDANCE for you and your family.

Here’s to your success!

Daniel your Contributing Host


The Abundance Trainers Team!



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